New Year New Frights! What's Ahead For 2022.

Happy New Year Ghouls, Ghosts, and Goblins! I hope that the holiday was delightfully wicked for you and yours. This year we are starting out with a look at one of the more overlooked Slasher icons in the lead up to his 3rd franchise reboot on Netflix. That right we're gonna be looking at Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. And Everything Leatherface. I know that a lot of podcasts are neck-deep in their coverage of the Scream series and if I am honest with you reader that is where we would also be if I was going to movie theaters. I do not however feel comfortable doing that yet, especially with the spike in omicron cases in my area. Not only that, I feel like Leatherface is poised to have a HUGE year. This remake is headed to Netflix in February. And Gun Media the beloved publisher of Friday The 13th: The Game has a similar but different TCM game in the works.

So here is what you can look forward

This week on Wednesday, January 5th I'll be talking about the classic 1974 film that started it all Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you wanna watch the film before the episode you can check it out Streaming on Showtime, AMC+, Shudder. Or for rent on Apple/Amazon/Google for 3.99

January 12th I am gonna cover Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2. The last film in the series was directed by Tobe Hooper. You can catch this for rent on Apple for 3.99 (if anyone sees it anywhere else please let me know so I can update the article)

Then on January 19th, we will be having a doubleheader. Both Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 AND Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generations. We're one week short, so combining the most loathed films in the franchise seemed like the best choice. We did however get some big start launching their careers in the films... You can find this streaming on Max Go or Spectrum. Or for rent on Apple/Amazon/Google for 3.99

January 26th we head into the Reboot era and start with the 2003 Michael Bay-produced Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I vaguely remember this film when I saw it in theaters but that was the last time I saw it. If you wanna catch it you can pick it up for Rent on Apple/Amazon/Google for 2.99

Groundhog's day, which is February 2nd for you non-US folks, brings us the first prequel in the series with Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginnings. You can rent this film on Apple/Amazon/Google for 3.99

February 9th we will be doing the often forgotten Texas Chainsaw 3D. I seriously have never seen this Direct sequel to the first film and forget about it until I see it on Wikipedia (fun fact: This film is why we are doubling up because I didn't slot it in my original schedule.) You can check this film out on Peacock with Ads. or You can rent it on Apple/Amazon/Google for 3.99

Then on February 16th, we will be doing yet another prequel when we tackle 2017's Leatherface. I've heard good things about this film, but never got around to it. You can stream it on AMC+ or Rent it on Apple/Amazon/Google for 3.99

Then that leads us to the last week of February and the last of the TCM films for now. We'll be covering Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) on the 23rd. I am excited to see where this new film goes from all the things we know about this third attempt at a direct sequel it looks like this one could pack that punch we've been missing from the Sawyer Family.

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